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When one or more species (rows) have been selected, a detailed report can be viewed by clicking the button below:

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Move the mouse cursor over one of the column headings to view column information.

Dataset Information

Organization Canadian Forest Service - Atlantic Forestry Centre (CFS-AFC)
Name NTSC_seedlist_en
Description NTSC Seedlist - Species Available (English)
Documentation Species Available provides a list of species as well as the number of seed lots available for each species.

Column Information

Move the mouse cursor over one of the column headings to view column information.

Viewing a Report

To view a detailed species report, choose one or more species (by clicking on the row) in the table to right, then click the "View Detailed Report" button in the report tab.

Navigating Pages

Species listed in the report are displayed in one or more "pages". A navigation bar is located beneath the table. It allows you to:

  • Manually enter the page that you want to view.
  • Choose how many species you want to view per page.
  • Navigate through the pages using the following buttons:
    next page
    previous page
    first page
    last page
    A navigation control is disabled if the page requested is unavailable.

Viewing Information

Information for the entire species listing (dataset) can be viewed in the information tab.

Detailed attribute information for each column of values in the species listing can be viewed by moving the mouse cursor over any column name. The information tab will be automatically displayed.

Scrolling a Page

If the columns and values on a page cannot be displayed in the space provided, scroll bars are displayed so that all columns and values can be viewed. On pages that have many columns, moving the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page will allow column headers and values to be scrolled across the page.

Sorting Column Values

Values listed in a column can be sorted by clicking the mouse cursor on the column heading. With each click, the values will alternate between sort order.


Note that values for all pages in the listing are sorted - not just the value displayed in the current page.

Adjusting Column Widths

The width of each column has a predefined width. Some values may be truncated - however the width of a column can be easily adjusted as follows.

  • Position the mouse cursor between two column headings so that the cursor image appears as a double headed pointer.
  • While holding down the left mouse button, drag the mouse to either the left (to increase width) or right (to decrease width). The overall table width will be automatically adjusted.